White House Rendering

The existing render is letting in the damp.

£26,000 for phase 1 of 3

Beaten and buffeted by the weather, the South facing walls of St Raphael’s House are in need of repair and protection. This will solve the damp and mould problems on the inside walls.

Project expense:

  • Install scaffolding
  • Remove old render so that building can breath
  • Protect windows and doors
  • Install new, breathable, white-coloured render (no maintenance) £26,000 (materials and labour)

This project constitutes the first of three phases. It was completed in August 2023 thanks to the District House's generosity and the urgency of the works required. The front side of the house has also been completed thanks, again, to the District's generosity and because of the urgent need to waterproof the house. 

Phase 3 will see the renovation of the north side of the house that faces the gym. Please help us.  


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