About us

A Traditional Catholic School, faithful to the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church in union with the Catholic Hierarchy. 

A primary and prep school for boys and girls and a secondary school (year 9 onwards) for boys.

A boarding house for boys, from year 7 onwards. 

St Michael’s School is owned and operated by the Society of St Pius X, which is a congregation of Catholic priests and religious dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of the traditional teachings and liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our facilities are situated in the beautiful countryside of North Hampshire in the rural village of Burghclere, about four miles from Newbury, Berkshire. The school property extends over more than ten acres of land, which includes open fields and woods in addition to the school and chapel grounds, recreation areas and sports fields.

Saint Michael's is a Catholic School not only in name but also in practice. Education is made up of learning, virtue and divine grace. We want our pupils to know and love their Catholic Faith and to order their lives accordingly. Success is measured in salvation of souls. 

Our School's Aims and Ethos are simple:

  1. To educate children in virtue (ordinatio rationis ad bonum) in a happy and safe environment.
  2. To educate children to fulfil their academic and physical potential.
  3. To educate children for their vocation in society, as future fathers, mothers, religious or single and celibate.