“We chose St Michael’s school for our children for two main reasons. Firstly, to provide our children with a fully Catholic education. Secondly, after meeting teachers and parents and finding out about the school ethos, we felt St Michael’s would provide an antidote for our family to some of the unwelcome demands and influences that modern life places upon children as they grow up in the social media age. We have been very pleased with the way that these two aspects have been fulfilled at St Michael's and also delighted by the care and quality of teaching provided by the staff. It has been very encouraging to see our children grow in their faith, learning and friendships at the school.”

(Parents, Primary School)


“We are very blessed to have the opportunity to send our children to St Michael’s. Classes are small and the education is personal and of very high quality. Our children have flourished at the school; it has given them a wonderful foundation and prepared them well for further/higher education.”

(Parents, Primary and Secondary School)


“I wanted to write a huge thank you for all you’ve done for me over the years, I am very grateful to all the staff at St. Michael’s, for the huge efforts you’ve made for me, for utter dedication and, frankly, heroism in the selfless effort, sacrifice and constant patience you’ve shown all of us students, even the most trying. I cannot thank the priests enough for moulding a humble but resilient safety net and unique education for such a varied bundle of boys despite countless retaliations and obstacles from within and without the school gate. From cosy film nights to deep and lengthy philosophical conversations, and from the chapel to the football ground, you were always there to keep us in check gently but firmly.”

(Former Pupil, 6th Form)