Regina Coeli Report: June / July 2018

Religious & Liturgical Riches:

Dear Faithful,

As you can see by glancing at the content, the theme of this issue turns mostly around the priestly and religious vocations in our country. There is no doubt that our greatest wish is to provide our traditional family with spiritual leaders who guide by teaching, sacrificing and...kneeling. 

This, however, should not make us neglect those struggling in the world—you the faithful, with immediate needs. And so, in the last few pages replete with photos from our parishes, we wish to give you a quick tour of the beauties hidden during the grand Holy Week ceremonies. Grand not so much because it is longer than usual, but grand because it encapsulates the central mystery of our Faith: the Redemption and Resurrection of Our Blessed Lord.

May these captions and photos, too brief to do justice to the riches of the liturgical ceremonies, give you the chance to take up your missals. I hope you will have the opportunity to meditate on a prayer, a symbol, a preface, or even to reach more profoundly behind the symbolism and the narration into the real mystery of Christ’s infinite love for men. And this cycle of Christ’s Incarnation, Redemption and Resurrection, is to be imitated by each soul. Each soul has been created by God in order to mirror Christ: to die to sin and rise to God by Christ’s grace. 

The Sundays after Pentecost represent the length of the Church through history until the end of time. In the long road ahead of us as well as behind us, more than ever, the one thing we need to cling to is Our Lord and His great work of love towards us. For the next six months indeed, we can leisurely return to these dramatic liturgical moments which need to be the leitmotiv of our spiritual life. 

Along with wishing you a most profitable and invigorating summer, I hope you enjoy this issue’s pictorial viewing and textual reading.

Fr. Jürgen Wegner

US District Superior