Other voices on Vatican II

The Society of St. Pius X is not alone in its critique of the Second Vatican Council. There are other Catholics apart from the priestly society who dispute aspects of Vatican II, from its definitions and terminology, to the degree of authority or assent one must give to its documents. Below is a list of critiques of Vatican II by some of these other voices.

Italian academics

A group of nearly 50 academics from various disciplines submitted a petition to Pope Benedict XVI in September 2011.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

An auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan, Bishop Schneider is a proponent of conservative views and regularly offers the traditional Roman Mass.

Msgr. Brunero Gherardini

An archbasilica canon of St. John Lateran's in Rome, he was formerly a professor of ecclesiology and ecumenism at the Lateran Pontifical University. In addition to having authored hundreds of pieces, he has been the editor of a theological review, Divinitas. His fields of research include the Tridentine reform, ecclesiology, and Mariology.

Padre Pio

It is not well-known amongst Catholics that the mystic and stigmatized Capuchin priest (+1968) was not only in disfavor of the Second Vatican Council but also opposed the Novus Ordo Missae. The provided link offers a few anecdotes from Padre Pio on both topics.

Dr. John Lamont

A professor of philosophy and theology, he has taught theology by archdiocesan mandate at the Catholic Institute and University of Notre Dame in Sydney, Australia.

Romano Amerio

Philosophy professor and author, Amerio was a periti during the Second Vatican Council and had a firsthand knowledge of its proceedings. Prof. Amerio passed away in 1997.

Roberto de Mattei

A disciple of Romano Amerio and professor of history, Roberto de Mattei was one of the speakers at the 2013 Angelus Press Conference, speaking on the topic of Vatican II and Our Lady.

Enrico Radaelli

A professor of philosophy and theology, he is a disciple of Romano Amerio (1905-1997). In the news commentary link cited below, Prof. Radaelli quotes Fr. Divo Barsotti (+2006) who was renowned as master of the spiritual life and even a mystic.