2022-23 Exam Results

St. Michael’s School GCSE Results Analysis – summary

In general

Across all entries, St Michael's  compare extremely well with national averages:

  • Students achieving 4 or above: over 34% above national average - higher in some subjects
  • Students achieving 7 or above: 36% above national average
  • Students achieving 9:  nearly 20% above national average
  • In comparing our pupils with pupils nationally, our averages at 4 and 7 are even better
  • Nationwide, only 12% of students take 10 GCSEs or more - all of our students took 10 GCSEs this year
  • Nationwide, only 1.8% of students take 11 GCSEs or more. This places 2 of our cohort in the top 2% of the country.
  • In core subjects - English, Maths and Science - St Michael's is well above national averages at grades 4 and 7
  • In all subjects students are well above national averages at 4 and 7

Target and Challenge Grades

  • 56% of all results exceeded the student's Challenge grade. This is the school's value added.
  • 76% were at Target Grade or better.

Achievement of Highest Grades

There was an increase in students achieving the highest grade (9) this year, with 3 of 5 achieving at least one Grade 9 and over 20% of grades at 9