2021-22 Exam Results

St. Michael’s School GCSE Results Analysis – summary

National Averages

Across all entries, St. Michael's compares extremely well with national averages:

Across England, the average number of GCSEs taken by students in 2022 was 7.78 - St. Michael's average was much higher at 8.5

The national average for students achieving 4 or above in 2022 was 73.2%. It was 100% at St. Michael's - 26.8% above national average

The national average for students achieving 7 or above in 2022 was 26.3%. The regional average was 29.2%. St. Michael's achieved 44.1% - 15-18% above regional and national averages

The national average for achievement at grade 9 in 2022 was 6.6%. St. Michael's average was 11.7%

Target and Challenge Grades

64.8% of all results achieved the student's Challenge grade or better. This is the school's value added.

85.3% were at Target Grade or better.