2019-20 Exam Results

St. Michael’s School GCSE Results Analysis – summary

This year’s results are unique in the sense they were derived from evidence compiled by schools, rather than final examinations. St. Michael’s took a robust approach in predicting grades for our students, based on mock exams, a further round of ‘final’ exams and additional evidence from ongoing assessment. 

National Averages

Across all entries, SMS compare extremely well with national averages:  

  • Students achieving 4 or above over 23% above national average - much higher in some subjects
  • Students achieving 7 or above 41% above national average    
  • Students achieving 9 over 18% above national average            

Core Subjects            

In all subject areas, pupils are well above national averages.    

Target and Challenge Grades        

  • 78.2% of all results exceeded the student's Challenge grade. This is the school's value added.
  • 93.6% were at Target Grade or better.        
  • No discernible difference between Boarding and Day pupils   

Achievement of Highest Grades        

There was an increase in students achieving the highest grade (9) this year, with 7 of 15 students achieving at least one Grade 9