2018-19 Exam Results


In 2019, students from St. Michael's significantly exceeded national averages in all areas:

·  100% of students achieved C/4 or above - over 30% above national average

·  60% of students achieved A/7 or above - 38% above national average

·  20% of students achieved A*/9 - 15.5% above national average

·  81% of all results exceeded the student's Target grade. This is the school's academic ‘value added’

·  95% of girls' results were above the Target Grade

·  38% of all results were above the Challenge Grade

·  There was an increase in students achieving the highest grades (9/A*) this year, with 5 of 7 students achieving a 9/A*

A Level

The A Level exam results were also pleasing. All subjects but one were successfully passed by the five pupils, one achieving both an A and A* in two of his subjects.

In June 2020, 14 pupils will sit their GCSE exams.