A New Gym Floor

August 07, 2021
Source: fsspx.news
Old carpeted Gym Floor vs new Linoleum Multipurpose Sports Surface

A Winner's Pledge

Our gym floor is in a sorry state, long overdue for replacement. We are seeking pledges and donations to install a new multipurpose floor, complete with line markings, that will serve the sporting and community needs of our school. 

We have selected DYNAMIK, a solid sport linoleum laid atop birch plywood with foam undercarriage. This floor is regulation compliant, extremely durable and low maintenance. It is the perfect solution for multipurpose sports halls. 

The quote comes in at £26 000. We will only launch the work once we collect all the funds. The installation can be done in a couple of days. To date, we have £11 000 in pledges from overseas! 

The project will make such a difference. It has been pending for over 15 years! Please help us give our children the best we can.

If you wish to pledge, just jump to the contact page and send a note. We will respond immediately, and gratefully!

If you wish to donate, just jump to the donation page and add a note "New Gym Floor".  Alernatively, go straight to our Go Fund Me page. 

For US donors, you can support the IronMike Foundation which has kindly offered to contribute to this project.

Time to replace with better!