Br. Ignatius - only a brother

August 02, 2022

Only a brother...

What is a brother for?

The brothers consecrate themselves to God in the religious life having as their primary goal and purpose the glory of God, their own sanctification, and the salvation of souls. To this end they pronounce the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience every year from the end of their novitiate. (from the Rules for Brothers)

But what does he do?

The specific objective of the brothers in the Society is to assist the priests in all their duties by facilitating their apostolic work. The field of activity is large: singing, serving, sacristy work, administration, teaching, cooking, cleaning, maintaining, building, designing, driving, farming, shopping, fetching and carrying, advising and counselling.

What value is a good brother?

A good brother is among the greatest blessings for a priest. He is Mary in the morning for the divine office, Joseph during the day for the hard work, and Martha in the evening for ministering in a hundred different ways (except without the complaints). He is a model of virtue, a saintly Jeeves, a right hand man. He is a priest's conscience in temptation, his fortitude in trial, his counsellor in confusion. 

And of all the brothers of the Society, among the most discrete, industrious and pious, and to whom we are always indebted, is our Br. Ignatius who celebrates his 70th birthday today. Thank you dear Brother. Deo gratias.